We know that there is a correlation
between a child’s sensory integration
and their learning process.

By integrating the senses
and regulating central nervous system, children learn higher-order skills.

Children with Sensory Processing Disorders have trouble receiving and responding to information that comes in through the senses. Sadly, children who struggle to process incoming sensory stimuli could develop coping skills that are perceived as misbehavior.

Our sensory-motor coaches work with individuals ages 2-22 to improve self-regulation, communication, attention and social skills.

Onsite, we have two sensory gyms equipped with swings, rock walls, slides, trampolines and various activities to help regulate their mind and body.

In This Space,
We Can Work On


This is an excellent way for your child to practice the skills learned in Occupational or Physical Therapy. We have a simple form for your child’s therapist to fill out, or with your permission, we can speak with them directly.


These sessions can also provide a great way for children to maintain skills after graduating from therapy or losing coverage for therapy sessions.


If a licensed therapist has not evaluated your child, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! We have a SIPT Certified Occupational Therapist to develop customized sensory diets or complete assessments and evaluations. We are also a great referral source for therapists in the Dallas area we have worked with for many years.


Our individual and small group Sensory Circuit sessions are available at just $30/hour. We work with young children, teens, and young adults of all abilities. We have not one but two sensory gyms equipped with swings, rock walls, slides, trampolines, and hundreds of activities.

Our one-of-a-kind
Sensory Bus is our
sensory gym on wheels

Offsite, we have a Sensory Bus that can bring our sensory circuits to you! Our one-of-a-kind Sensory Bus is our sensory gym on wheels, where kids can jump, swing, and climb to a regulated mind and body. We will offer both 1:1 or small sensory-motor groups at your location. We are also available to come to your special event to provide a safe sensory space for your participants.

This bus was made possible by a generous grant from Jordan Spieth Family Foundation.