We believe every child has the desire
and ability to learn.

It’s a Sensory World! Academy was developed to serve children ages 2 to
22 with developmental delays and disabilities, specifically those who have
not yet found success in traditional educational settings.

At ISW Academy, we take a whole-child, “bottom-up” approach to development and learning.

We aim to give each child the tools necessary to find success in a group environment, both socially and academically. To achieve this, we develop a customized, sensory-based plan that targets your child’s specific developmental needs. With our highly intensive, individualized approach, children begin to improve self-regulation, emotional regulation, communication, and attention. Students have also demonstrated an increase in awareness, independence, and academic performance and have displayed an improvement in social behavior.

Our Goal

Is to create a balanced developmental profile to prepare children for their next steps. Our program offers a small student-to-teacher ratio of 3:1 or 4:1 depending on age and developmental level.

Our History

In 2008, It’s a Sensory World! introduced a small program called “Preschool Prep” for children ages 2 to 4. We understood the need for a preschool program in the Dallas area that put play back into preschool. Not just any play, but multi-sensory play, engaging all eight senses. Our goal was to help prepare children for success, along with their parents and therapists.

Over time, this program began to include older children at the request of parents in the community. We quickly realized that all children needed the opportunity to move throughout the day, build trusting relationships with teachers, and build friendships with peers. They needed a place where skilled teachers understand and use therapeutic techniques to target motor skills, self-regulation, esteem, communication, language, and processing. In addition, our families needed a team of support surrounding them. A place where parents, teachers, and therapists work together to meet each child’s needs best.


Our Process


We require all parents to first tour our space. We ask that you come without your students for this preliminary visit. Parents and/or caregivers will meet with our team. During the visit, parents will be given a comprehensive tour of the center and an in depth look at our program. A short meeting will follow the tour, allowing our director to learn more about your child, their needs and answer any important questions. However, we understand everyone has different circumstances. We will do our best to accommodate your family if we need to condense the process.


Once you tour, we will send you the paperwork via email so you can formally apply. There is an application fee of $20.

03._Meet & Greet

The next step in the process would be allowing the child to come for a visit. Bring your student along so we can meet them, they can meet us and we can both determine fit. The director and parents and/or caregivers will decide on an appropriate date, time, and classroom for the child to visit.

Tuition & Fees


  • Full Tuition – $26,000.00
  • Other Amount (Between $23,000.00 and $26,000.00)
  • Minimum Tuition – $23,000.00
  • Additional Support – Below $23,000.00


  • Registration Fee | $150.00
  • Supply Fee | $150.00
  • Enrollment Deposit | $2,600.00
    This deposit is applied to your tuition and will be applied to the first month of the school year. 

Fees vary and are subject to change

Fundraising Support Acknowledgement

We ask that all families support the school in raising funds throughout the year, recognizing that most of our families are unable to pay the official cost of programming. 


  • It’s a Sensory World! is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. For years, we have been the lowest-ratio and affordable private solution for children with developmental delays and disabilities.
  • In 2024, to maintain our teacher-to-student ratio of 4:1 and maintain the quality of our programming, we will be moving to a new tuition model.
  • Our new tuition will more accurately reflect the cost of running ISW Academy at $26,000.00 per school year. However, we understand that not all our families can pay this amount.
  • To that end, we will provide a flexible tuition plan with a minimum tuition amount of $23,000.00 that our families can opt to pay for the school year. The gap in funding represents our organization’s fundraising goal and a commitment to support your child and family.
  • If the scholarship (minimum) rate of $23,000.00 is still out of reach for your family, we do have a scholarship fund available that we can tap into for individual situations. Please reach out to us so we can have a conversation about how best we can support you.
  • Upon selecting a monthly tuition amount in your FACTS portal, our team will reach out and welcome your family into the next school year. Pending the amount selected, additional follow-up will include a detailed breakdown of your additional donation (if greater than the tuition amount) or a fundraising support plan that will describe the annual goal for supporting your child in the program. This is our way of openly asking for your ongoing support as we raise money throughout the year to support our children, families, and organization.


Our kid care program is provided to our families enrolled in ISWA. Rates are based on the number of hours utilized per month and are subject to change. Please reach out to us for more information.”


It’s a Sensory World! is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We offer our tuition at a reduced cost to families. We fundraise each year for roughly 30% of the operational costs to run the program at a reduced rate for our families. If additional assistance is needed, please indicate that during the application process.