We embrace our InterActive Kids for
their individual differences

and empower them with tools and strategies for self-reliance and self-
advocacy. We utilize the principles of the DIRFloortime® Approach and
the Social Thinking Methodology. This program is appropriate for any
child, teen, or young adult who needs social support.
Recommendations for program placement will be made after an
initial tour and assessment.

During a DIRFloortime® session, the child will engage in a 1:1 interactive play session with one of our trained practitioners, promoting connection and development in a meaningful way. Our sessions are child-centered, tailored to each child’s differences, and will promote their development to their fullest potential.

During a playdate, children will engage in a session with another child while a practitioner facilitates play and encourages developmentally appropriate interactions.

Our small social groups are created and facilitated by trained ISW practitioners to foster a positive sense of self and teach self-advocacy while helping participants understand their personal boundaries and the boundaries of those around them. Additionally, participants will learn positive social strategies without the expectation of masking.

Our peer groups provide an opportunity for neurodiverse children, teens, and young adults to hang out and make new connections.