This unique sports program is intended to fill the gap between individualized instruction and mainstream recreational sports.  At It's a Sensory World!, we recognize the need for a specialized sports program for children who present mild to moderate gross motor deficits and those who need a sensory friendly experience to be successful. 

Many children who present a myriad of delays early in life, struggle to mainstream in today's fast paced, recreational sports teams.  Once these children have found success in individual therapies such as Speech, Occupational, or Physical therapy or even unique programs offering 1:1 instruction for gross motor skills, many times they have missed the chance to begin sports programs at an early age, unlike their peers. (Although these children have found success in individual therapies such as Speech, Occupational, or Physical Therapy or even unique program offering 1:1 instructions for gross motor skills, from an early age they have often missed the chance to be a part of sports programs, much like their peers) 

We believe that all children should have to opportunity to play truly (truly play) recreational sports to not only develop healthy habits and engage in much needed exercise, but to develop social/emotional skills.  We don't want children just to participate, we want them to gain new skills, increase self confidence, and eventually move on to a mainstream recreational sport of their choice. 

The ACCEPTional Sports Program was developed by It's a Sensory World's Co-founder/Program Director, Angela Stephens.  After graduating from Baylor University, where she played Division I collegiate soccer, Angela had aspirations of creating this type of unique sports experience for children with developmental delays and disorders. While ISW has offered soccer clinics in the past, we were unable to find the right partnership to see this program to fruition.  Now, having a daughter of her own with a developmental delay, Angela is more motivated than ever to give her own child these experiences. We are so proud to announce our partnership with Sportsplex at Valley View to bring our dream to a reality. Once players have enrolled, coaches will then organize practice sessions based on the skill level of the participants.  Our goal is to display the skills learned over a 6 week period by having our ACCEPTional Athletes play a mini-tournament of friendly games in the 7th week.  

Sessions begin at $100 for a 7 week session.