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    "We began the journey of Sensory Integration Therapy by taking our son to OT twice a week. He was treated at a clinic for 30 minutes twice a week. We received a little bit of remedial information about the therapy, but were not permitted to observe. This made following through on therapy at home difficult. I wasn't sure what I was doing or why. When we began at It's a Sensory 
    World!, we were trained thoroughly on Sensory Processing Disorder and what exercises are helpful to provide modulation. I finally felt empowered to be an active part of my son's recovery!
    "We began coming to It's a Sensory World! weekly. Each time, we practiced the exercises we had been taught.
    We even utilized some of our ABA training to encourage Joseph to follow-through on the exercises he needed to do before doing a more desired activity. It was a great feeling to help my son gain strength, confidence and have so much fun at the same time. I love spending an hour enjoying my son, bonding with him over an activity he loves.
     "Over time, I read the book The Out of Sync Child has Fun. Based on the training I received at the gym, and the OT assessment (which I was finally beginning to understand) I found appropriate activities in the book to practice at the gym and at home.  At the gym, I had no distractions, only fun time with Joseph.  We could concentrate on bonding. I could watch my son struggle and get to know what he needed
     the most help with.  Together we would work to overcome frustration and gain competency. It is amazing how far he has come and how strong he is! He is so proud of his achievements!
       "Thank you Rekha for the awesome service you provide us - a safe and accepting environment, amazing equipment, thorough training, and fun, fun, fun!
       "May you be blessed for all you do for us!"

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    "Having home based Occupational Therapy in the past had posed several limitations. Lack of sensory equipment, and motivating items (bored with the same old things) proved to hold him back from exercising his 
    potentials. I was thrilled to find a unique setting like It's A Sensory World! It had a variety of both fun and functional equipment making it a "sensory milieu." The best part is that I had free access to use my own
    therapist to assist him, or use the staff provided by the facility. The parent guided circuit gives me comfort that my son can receive continuous or extra services should my therapist not be available. This is a great way for us to fill up time during school breaks when he does 
    not have much to do! It's A Sensory World has been an effective and affordable therapeutic option for our son."