Admission Process for ISW Academy

Please call our Administrative Assistant Samantha Howse at 972-239-8100 to set up an initial visit to our center. 

What to expect:

At this time parents and/or caregivers will meet with Program Directors Angela Stephens or Priya Patel. During the visit parents will be given a comprehensive tour of the center, at which time our directors will give an in depth look at our program. A short meeting will follow the tour giving our directors the opportunity to learn more about the child, his or her needs and to answer any important questions.

The next step:

The next step in the process would be allowing the child to come or a visit. The directors and parents will decide together on an appropriate date, time, and classroom for the child to visit.

Should children come for the initial meeting?

We typically encourage parents to come tour the facility first, without children present. However, we understand everyone has different needs and time constraints. If there is a need to condense the process, please call and let us know and we will do our best to accommodate the family.