• Testimonial for S.M.A.R.T Start Level 1

    My son was non verbal (or non vocal) when he started the Pre-k program. After 3 weeks, one day, I went to pick him up and his teacher showed me a video of him, filling the blanks of the song. He was saying Alligator, monkey and tree!!!

    Not even a year later he is saying 3 words sentences.

    The loving and devoted teachers have made a huge difference in my son's life and ours. 

  • Testimonial for S.M.A.R.T Start Level 2

    The teachers at It's A Sensory World go out of their way, beyond what is expected even in a special needs school setting' to understand the specific needs and learning style of each child. The curriculum, 
    although with a foundation of formal proven scholastic modeling, is custom tailored to each child's needs. They make you feel like your child is the only one in the school with their attention to detail and 
    constant feedback. And for kids like ours who are non-verbal, they incorporate cutting edge use of the IPad for communication assistance. 
    Their tailored approach and use of the IPad has made a dramatic difference in our son's ability and capacity for learning as well as his ability to communicate effectively. We feel incredibly blessed to have found It's A Sensory World and its amazing teachers and staff"

  • Testimonial for S.M.A.R.T Groups

    About a year ago my daughter and I first heard of It's a Sensory World at an autism organization conference. It seemed like it might be a perfect fit for one of my twin grandsons, both of whom are non-verbal 
    and are on the autism spectrum. His brother, N, was doing well at ABA individual therapy, but J was always trying to escape and seemed to see no reason to do things more than once. From the very first visit, It's a
    Sensory World has been one of J's favorite places and "Miss Angela" one of his favorite people. The smile on his face when we pull up to the building is worth the 45 minute drive and all the traffic we encounter 
    from the far NW suburbs. N has also loved participating in the camps and summer school activities. THANK YOU for starting and maintaining such a positive program for these special children! 

  • Testimonial for S.M.A.R.T. - (1)

    I value so deeply what Sensory World has provided to Journey. As a mother, this is a very foreign concept to totally trust your child is safe at school/center. I don't question what is being done here because I can drastically see the success that Journey has made here. I truly am grateful for what all of you guys do. I only wish that everyone knew the magical wonders that happen at Sensory world so they too can be blessed with what Journey and I have been blessed with. From the second that Journey walks in that door she is a totally different child. Her smiles here are ever lasting. I wish that her other school and other "typical" peers could experience this side of Journey that is alive and vibrant due to you guys. After literally searching almost all the schools in Dallas, there was nowhere for Journey. We were met with rejection after rejection. Then we found you guys by complete destiny and from then on it has been pure joy and success. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  • Testimonial for S.M.A.R.T. - (2)

    Not only has my child's development exploded during his time at Sensory World, we have been able to learn effective strategies to improve our home life too. I have been most impressed with how the staff will try many techniques to achieve a goal and if something isn't working, they will find what will work. My son is loved for who he is and that makes my heart happy. 

  • Testimonial for S.M.A.R.T. - (3)

    My two-year-old son went into the preschool prep program with a very limited expressive vocabulary. We knew that he understood everything he heard but would not or could not reciprocate. Within the first day of our visit to the program, he started saying more words. The difference has been night and day in the last four months. He's gone from single words to six- and seven-word sentences. I also know that he is doing classroom work that will probably place his far beyond other children his age in fine motor skills, vocabulary, and beginning reading and numbers. My son has also been able to improve his social skills and make new friends with children both his age and a little older. Overall, he loves the preschool prep program so much that I have to carry him out of the gym most sessions! 

  • Testimonial for S.M.A.R.T. - (4)

    My daughter has a speech impairment as well as sensory integration challenges. After a year in a public school program we were left asking if the gaps would be closed prior to kindergarten. She attended It's a Sensory World's Pre-School prep class and summer camp program. We thought it would help to ensure no regression over the summer months. My daughter flourished in both classes. The caring staff made me comfortable leaving my daughter with them. Their 3:1 class sizes and caring personalized approach toward learning has helped our family better understand my daughters learning style.

    The staff took the time to understand my daughter, so they deliver information to her in the way she understands it. They have partnered with me so we can continue to reinforce the strategies they use when she is home. Her vocabulary continues to multiply at an astounding rate, she uses new words each day. The gym allows for sensory breaks that ready her to better concentrate when it is time to learn.

    Instead of sending her back to the public school at the start of the school year we kept her enrolled in the preschool prep program at It's a Sensory World! We continue to be amazed with her progress in speech, sensory integration, maturity, and sharing and social skills overall. The programs at It's a Sensory World! have been life changing for 

  • Testimonial for S.M.A.R.T. - (5)

    It's a Sensory World has been an invaluable resource with transitioning our daughter with special needs from a fulltime stay-at-home environment into preschool. She went into her new classroom this morning with confidence and without any of the anxiety we used to see when she was around new people and unable to communicate her needs. We're so happy we found Priya and preschool prep. It's going to be a great school year!