Welcome to ISW Academy!

Welcome to ISW Academy, where we believe every child has the desire and ability to learn. In 2008, It's a Sensory World introduced a small program called "Preschool Prep" for children ages 2 to 4. We understood the need for a preschool program in the Dallas area that put play back into preschool. Not just any play, but multi-sensory play, engaging all of the seven senses.  A program where children of all ability levels could enjoy an engaging relationship with their teachers, whose purpose was to help build foundational learning skills through play. Our goal was to help prepare children for success, along with their parents and therapists.

Over time, this program began to include older children at the request of parents in the community.  We quickly realized that all children needed the opportunity to move throughout the day, build trusting relationships with teachers and build friendships with peers. Some children needed intense sensory input and stimulation throughout the day, more than simple classroom accommodations can provide. A place where skilled teachers understand and use therapeutic techniques to target motor skills, self regulation, esteem, communication, language and processing. In addition, our families needed a team of support surrounding them. A place where parents, teachers, and therapist work together to best meet the needs of each individual child.

Today, we have grown tremendously. Although we wish for our program to remain the intimate, family setting we love, we realize there are many children that would benefit greatly from our forward thinking concept.  Many children, no matter the diagnosis, benefit from our blend of therapeutic intervention and special education. We call this bridging the gap between therapy and school. We are proud to serve the Dallas area with our unique model, S.M.A.R.T., small ratios and the ability to see children reach their full potential in the areas of communication, language, academics, living skills, and relationships.  

We strongly believe that children are more than their diagnosis and we strive to lift them up and celebrate their individuality, while preparing them for life ahead.