How we use child-guided play to help children with special-needs

One of our favorite places at It’s a Sensory World! is our playroom. This is where we do a lot of child-guided play. In here, our kids have access to cars, trains, cause and effect toys, and imitation toys. For example, let’s say a child wanted to play with the kitchen. They would first come over to the door and pick the card that has the kitchen on it. Then they take that card and bring it to the kitchen. Once they start to play with the kitchen, we guide that play by helping them engage with the toys and helping them build their play repertoire. One way we do this is to label the things that they’re doing. If a child picks up a pot, we say “pot!” Then when they put it on the stove, we say, “Put pot on!” This helps them with language and communications skills. Then we help them to expand their repertoire by giving them different things they can do in this area. This might be as simple as stirring the pot and saying, “Stir pot! Stir the pot!” Then we see if they will copy our imitation of stirring the pot. This helps them build imitation skills. This is play, but as you can see they are learning so many different skills at the same time! Even though we are guiding them to learn and practice certain skills, this does not end up feeling like work to the kids. They are actually playing and they love it. They have so much fun that they don’t realize how hard they are working. The playroom is a very inviting space, and we are so happy that we can share it with the children! Please visit our facebook page to see this is a video format.
Priya Patel

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Priya, you are such a dedicated and creative teacher. The children truly learn so much from their play time in the gym

- Rekha Suryanarayana

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