Awesome Haircut experience after 3 years!

Being a mom with a kid that would scream, cry , and have a tantrum for 30 minutes after trying a professional haircut, that's why I want to start my blog here sharing our amazing experience and information about this awesome "sensory expert stylist" So, the last 3 years I have been cutting my son's hair (and of course you could tell) The last time I had been on a salon with Sebas it was so traumatic that I decided I would may come back in 10 years! The last 3 years Sebastian has been working so hard in his sensory issues. And all his teachers and therapists were telling me how much has he changed and tolerating play doo, shaving cream, touching different textures etc,, that I decided to make the try. OMG! He sat on the chair, requested Mickey Mouse movie, and smiled! Haircut was so easy, not even a little complain! Where all the tantrums go? I don't know , but they are gone and for good! I can not be more happy and proud , and I have no words enough to thank all the teachers that have worked with Sebastian on this matter. I believe sensory integration, sensory input is the key for all this issues. Thank you Priya, Amber, Jess and Angela for the amazing job! This amazing place is: The KID SALON 190 E Stacy Rd Suite 1608 Allen, TX 75002 214-509-9150 You have to say you want the appointment with AMY, on the MONKEY ROOM The Monkey room is a special room just for one kid, you can close the door, they have lots of pictures to pick or you can bring your own DVD. Amy has been working with sensory issues and Autism Spectrum for so many years. She is an Angel.
Gloria Giudici

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Gloria, I am so happy to hear about this place. Haircuts were so anxiety causing for us for so many years. My son used to slide off the chair, refuse to get the cape on and once even ran out the door when the hairstylist, by habit, brought out the hairdryer even after being told not to. The noises, the smells and the tactile experience of having a nylon cape all add to the anxiety of an unknown adult using sharp instruments near their heads. Not too much different from a visit to the dentist that so many people dread. Glad to hear about a place where our children can get their haircuts done in a quiet place and be distracted by a movie of their choice.

- Rekha

Yay Sebas!!!! Thank you for sharing your story, Gloria! I know several parents who have had the same experience, this will be a great resource for many!!

- Angela

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