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What in the world is a social story?

I am truly excited to have this blog option! Our day with the kiddos goes by so quick and all too often we don't get a chance to share resources or ideas that may be beneficial for your child! For my first blog post I wanted to share with you a trick from my toolbag (no magic cards or rabbits in a hat here) that I love to use with kids! What is ... read more
Priya Patel

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Awesome Haircut experience after 3 years!

Being a mom with a kid that would scream, cry , and have a tantrum for 30 minutes after trying a professional haircut, that's why I want to start my blog here sharing our amazing experience and information about this awesome "sensory expert stylist" So, the last 3 years I have been cutting my son's hair (and of course you could tell) The last ti... read more
Gloria Giudici

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Gloria, I am so happy to hear about this place. Haircuts were so anxiety causing for us for so many years. My son used to slide off the chair, refuse to get the cape on and once even ran out the door when the hairstylist, by habit, brought out the hairdryer even after being told not to. The noises, the smells and the tactile experience of having a nylon cape all add to the anxiety of an unknown adult using sharp instruments near their heads. Not too much different from a visit to the dentist that so many people dread. Glad to hear about a place where our children can get their haircuts done in a quiet place and be distracted by a movie of their choice.

- Rekha

Yay Sebas!!!! Thank you for sharing your story, Gloria! I know several parents who have had the same experience, this will be a great resource for many!!

- Angela

How we use child-guided play to help children with special-needs

One of our favorite places at Its a Sensory World! is our playroom. This is where we do a lot of child-guided play. In here, our kids have access to cars, trains, cause and effect toys, and imitation toys. For example, lets say a child wanted to play with the kitchen. They would first come over to the door and pick the card that has the kitche... read more
Priya Patel

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- Pixel Replay

Priya, you are such a dedicated and creative teacher. The children truly learn so much from their play time in the gym

- Rekha Suryanarayana