:: About us - In a Nutshell

Most homes are not equipped with the kind of sensory equipment that we have at it's a Sensory World! The variety of programs we offer can help children gain mastery over target skills in areas that encompass gross/fine motor, language and communication, behavior and sensory regulation. A child can participate in a one-on-one program like a Parent-guided Sensory-Circuit or a Staff-guided Sensory-Circuit or participate in a small Group class. Goals are set by the child's own therapists/teachers or we can evaluate and develop goals for them.

Some children also need a transition program before they are ready to attend school or programs with higher student-to-staff ratios. Our S.M.A.R.T. program is a program designed to prepare a child for future school success. Many of our programs also run during the crucial summer months when schools are closed and our students need a structured routine to stay regulated.

We call it a Parent-child learning experience because parents can carry over ideas from our gym to real-life situations like homes, parks, playgrounds, and restaurants. They also have ample opportunities to network with other parents and share ideas and concerns.

We believe that siblings often make excellent role models and welcome them too.

It's a Sensory World keeps costs low by functioning as a learning gym, not a therapy facility. In addition to our consultant Occupational Therapist and Program Director, our staff members are students pursuing a degree in a child-development related area.

During your first visit (which is absolutely free!), we give you a tour of our facility and discuss our programs. Make an appointment with us, so you can experience our facility before you sign up. Our goal is to direct you to a program best suited to the needs of your family.